On Poetry and Philosophy: An Interview with Sabrina Dalla Valle

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Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA, is the current Vice President of the Gebser Society. She has presented at our conferences since 2009, and co-hosted the 2013 conference at the University of Philosophical Research, where she also teaches a Gebserian approach to creative writing and consciousness. Her book, Seven Days and Nights in the Desert, was released last year via Kelsey Street Press. In the following two-part interview with Anna Soteria Morrison, she discusses her poetic and philosophical influences. In this connection, it is imperative to recognise that Gebser himself was first and foremost a poet, and that it was from his essentially poetic insights into reality that his philosophy emerged as a co-expression. Comments Dalla Valle:

I find this dualistic relationship between poetry and philosophy in your question difficult to connect with ~ because for me they are reciprocals and they mirror one another, so they are found in each other. Build fires to worship the wood, burn wood to worship the fire. This line from one of Susan Stewart’s poems really encapsulates my response.

The full interview is available here:



Computer Graphics and the Perspectival Mind

Hello Gebserians! 

I sure hope you're finding the new site easy to navigate. While we're working on putting up new content -- as well as getting our bearings -- I thought I'd share with you an interesting article I found on io9 today: "The Forgotten History of CGI."

As it turns out, the origins of CG (computer graphics) have their roots in a classic Renaissance aim: that of mastering the perspectival eye:

The roots of CGI lie in the first mechanical aids to drawing and painting. The earliest of these were developed to help solve a problem every artist has found to be sticky: perspective.

Read the full essay at io9.

Get your Gebser on

This post officially inaugurates our freshly updated and mutated Gebser Society website, and announces the much anticipated Call for Papers for this year's conference.

This year we are very excited to bring Gebser to New York City!  

The conference dates are 17-18 October 2014. The theme this year is Crisis and Mutation. The deadline for abstracts is 31 July 2014. Note them well.

Full conference information will be available in the Conference Program, which is scheduled for release directly after the Call for Papers draws to a close (31 July 2014). In the meantime, updates will be made available here as they arise.

I wish to personally thank Jeremy Johnson for his instrumental assistance in securing the conference venue—the fabulous and historic Judson Memorial Church—and setting up the new website. Jeremy presented at last year's conference in Los Angeles, and when he's not being generally invaluable to the Gebser Society, he does great work at Evolver Learning Lab and Reality Sandwich.

On a technical note, we wish to assure you that all the material from the old website has been saved. Relevant material will be uploaded over the coming weeks. If you have any specific requests or enquiries, please contact Jeremy directly (jeremy@evolver.net). 

Much is on the horizon, and we will be writing separately about some of the new features and opportunities that will be afforded us, including our vision for a more creative, interactive, and truly international Jean Gebser Society. 


Aaron Cheak, PhD
Gebser Society President