The 48th Annual Gebser Society Conference: GEBSER AND ASIA

The 48th Annual Gebser Society Conference: GEBSER AND ASIA

For the 48th Annual Conference of the Jean Gebser Society, we seek proposals for presentations that address theoretical, practical, and engaged approaches to Gebser, especially in relation to Asian thinkers and traditions. The 2018 Conference will draw on the resources of Naropa University to bring together the uniqueness of our Colorado location along with joining Asian and western approaches and methodologies. See full post…

Crisis and Mutation: 2014 Conference Recordings Now Available

The Jean Gebser Society is pleased to make 2014's Gebser Conference, "Crisis and Mutation" at Judson Memorial, available on the conference archive page

The archive includes audio and video presentations, abstracts and information about the conference theme. PDFs of presenter essays are forthcoming. 

While a rather simple matter of recording and publishing was involved, we are nevertheless excited to have the conference live on – asynchronously – through this archive page. We hope you enjoy the presentations and receive something from them.

If you do, consider joining the Jean Gebser Society to keep our growing effort towards an integral pedagogy alive. There is much more to come


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