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Call for Papers: 2013 Jean Gebser Society Conference, Los Angeles, CA

The 43rd Annual International Jean Gebser Society Conference titled, "Embodying Integral Consciousness," will take place at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The conference dates are October 4–6, 2013. SAVE THE DATE!!


New Release: Gebser Book Series Vols. 2 and 3 are now available

Grace, J. & Kramer, E. M. (Eds.). (2013). Communication, comparative cultures, and civilizations (Vol. 3). New York: Hampton. 

This volume is the third in the series produced by the International Jean Gebser Society. The Society is dedicated to the scholarly study of cultures and civilizations across time and the fusion and churning occurring on the planet today. This current volume is comprised of even never-before published works refereed by an editorial board that includes an executive committee of scholars.

Callahan, C. (Ed.). (2012). Communication, comparative cultures, and civilizations (Vol. 2). New York: Hampton. 

This is the second volume in the Communication, Comparative Cultures, and Civilizations publication series. The goal of this series is to present peer-reviewed, original scholarship that addresses the complexities between cultural practice and world view. The scholarly essays in this volume focus on the relationships between language and consciousness, including emerging, diverging, dominant and co-language, appropriation, extinction, and other approaches that would augment the understanding of language and consciousness.

As part of this series, the current volume contains essays that address dynamic, civilizational relationships within the fields of education, health, community, history, literature, culture, and values. These chapters offer unique perspectives that inform the reader of alternate ways of viewing complex cultural phenomena. Further, these distinctive approaches to cultural issues aid scholars in developing distinctive theoretical positions that give voice to alternative cultural and civilizational viewpoints.

Jean Gebser (August 20, 1905 – May 14, 1973) was a philosopher who described the structures of human consciousness, a linguist, and a poet.