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Those with an interest in Jean Gebser's work may also be interested in following websites:

Academic Institutions and Societies

Husserl Circle

Department of History of Science, University of Oklahoma

Gebser publications archived at the University of Oklahoma, USA


Scholars of Comparative Cultures and Civilizations

Many of the scholars have provided full texts of their work in their personal websites. They actively maintain their websites and update their latest work there. We encourage you to visit their websites through the following links.

Dr. Algis Mickunas

Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, Ohio University

Dr. Mickunas' unpublished collection and other related work

Dr. Eric Kramer Professor, Communication, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Peter Pogany Economist (retired), U.S. International Trade Commission
Dr. Michael Purdy

Professor Emeritus, Communication, Governors State University

Dr. Charlton McIlwain Associate Professor, Media, Culture, & Communication, New York University
Dr. Philip Dalton Assistant Professor, Speech Communication, Rhetoric, Performance Studies, Hofstra University
Dr. David Worth Director of  Forensics; Lecturer, Humanities, Rice University


Jean Gebser Society Blog (a forum for JGS members to share ideas and news)

Gebser at Wikipedia