2016 Gebser Conference: New Insights into Nature

The Forty-Sixth Annual Jean Gebser Society Conference was held in conjunction with the Seattle University Philosophy Department in Seattle, WA, Oct. 7- 9th 2016. Click through to view the archive page and access the conference recordings.

Past Gebser Society Conferences


Architectures of the Integral World (View Recordings)

California Institute of Integral Studies, Bay Area, CA

Aaron Cheak, PhD

Matthew David Segall


Crisis and Mutation (This conference was recorded. Click through to listen to read abstracts and listen to presentations).

Judson Memorial Assembly Hall, New York, NY

Jeremy D. Johnson, MA

Aaron Cheak, PhD


Embodying Integral Consciousness 

University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Aaron Cheak

Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA


All Spheres of Life: The Archaic and the Aperspectival World

Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA

John Dotson

Dr. Elaine Hsieh


Instrumental Communication as Cultural Expression

Rice University, Houston, TX

Dr. David Worth


Technology and Consciousness

Brigham Young University, Aspen Grove, UT

Dr. Clark Callahan


Identity, Civilization and Consciousness

Hofstra University, NY

Dr. Philip Dalton


Integrality: Truth, Reality and Globalization

La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Andrea Gallant


Language and Consciousness

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Dr. Arlyn T. Anderson


Exploring Transitions of Knowledge

California State University, Sacramento

Dr. David Zuckerman


Chaos and Order

Rice University, Houston, TX

Dr. David Worth


Gebser, Hermeneutics, and History: In the Current Remembrances of Things Past and Passing

University of Oklahoma

Dr. Eric Kramer